Showcase your team.
See your team – with rich profiles and views by time zone & location.

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Know when your team is

  • Coordinating across multiple time zones is tricky. See the current local time of your entire team at a glance.

Internal company directory

  • Create a customizable team directory with rich employee profiles. Import from Slack in one click and it stays up-to-date automatically.
  • Quickly look up people's contact information, time zone, manager, start date, office, birthday, or any other (fully customizable) information that matters.

Map your team

  • Your remote team is distributed all over the place. Visualize your entire organization on a world map, explore who is nearby, and learn who is where.

Embed your team anywhere

  • Keep your website's About/Team page automatically up-to-date with as people join and leave your company.
  • Embed a world map or grid of faces (optionally with names/titles) on your public site, or privately in your intranet or wiki.

Help new hires get to know everyone

  • Working remotely can feel isolating. Give current team members – and especially new hires – a way to learn about coworkers beyond a name and Slack avatar.
  • Write up bios and User Manuals so people can connect more deeply level and work better together.
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